When Should You Call Your Heating & Air Company?

There are plenty of good heating and air companies in Charlotte, NC. However, many homeowners don’t really know what services they offer or how much of a difference they can make in your heating and AC’s effectiveness—or your bills. Here are four situations where you should definitely call your heating & air company:

1.   When you’re installing a new unit. Installing a furnace, heater or air conditioner is not something you should do yourself unless you’re an experienced professional. These units are not simple machines and they have to be hooked up just right to ensure safety as well as effective operation. A poorly installed heater or AC unit can leak hot/cold air thus affecting your comfort and costing you money on your energy bill. An experienced Charlotte heating and air company will be able to install any unit, from any brand, usually in a matter of hours—the same day you call. Leave it to the professionals.

 2.   For yearly maintenance. Many homeowners forget that both heating and AC systems need an annual tune up to function at their best. When this maintenance isn’t done, the system may begin to run inefficiently, costing you money every month. Lack of maintenance can also increase the chance that the unit will suddenly fail—almost always at the worst possible time, like during a winter storm or at the peak of the dog days of summer.

 3.   If anything breaks. When your heater or air conditioner stops working, do not feel that you have to suffer! Many heating and AC repairs can be made in a matter of hours, and a professional repair company will carry all the parts they need for the most common jobs. In most cases you can get a repair person working on your unit the same day it breaks, and be back to enjoying comfortable climate control in no time.

 4.   When you’re just not getting enough heat or AC. Many people wonder why their AC isn’t as crisp as it used to be, or why the furnace struggles to heat up the house. This is not a normally operating unit—and it’s fixable. Your heating and air company will be able to diagnose the problem and make repairs so that you’re comfortable and save big on your energy bills.

In all of these cases, make sure you work with an experienced, professional heating and air outfit that values its customers. At a minimum that means they can offer same day service, 24 hour day service calls and a complete parts and labor warranty for their work.


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