What to Look for in a Charlotte Heating Repair Company

Charlotte’s winters may not be the most severe in the country, but if the heat goes off in your home or office they can quickly become miserable—and sometimes even dangerous. But when you need a heater repaired, you need it done both quickly and correctly so the problem won’t happen again. That’s why not every heating repair service in Charlotte is created equal. To find those that will truly do the job right, focus on these four criteria:


image of heating repair

1.  24-hour service – When the furnace goes out, it doesn’t always choose to do so at a convenient time. Unfortunately, many heating repairmen don’t seem to understand this and only answer the phone during normal business hours. For their customers, that can mean a shivering night with no heat or even a whole weekend before someone comes to do the repair. Any heating repair service worth calling will offer 24/7 emergency service. In addition, while there are occasional jobs so big they’ll require multiple trips, the majority of their work should be completed the same day, so that you can have the heat back on full blast before the house even finishes cooling down.


2.  Upfront pricing – “How much will this cost?” is a reasonable question and one you should ask before your heating repairman starts the job. Yet strangely, many repairmen refuse to give a straight answer or offer complicated pricing schemes that are ripe for hidden fees. Instead, your repair service should be able to give a straight, flat price once they come to inspect the unit. If parts are needed, the cost of those parts should be made clear as well. Some heating services may also add an overtime fee if a repair is particularly complicated, but that rate should be disclosed up front as well.


3.  Warranty – A heater is a major appliance and any work done on it should be warrantied. As a base line, a heating repair warranty is generally good for one year and includes both parts and labor. This should be included with every repair job.


4.  Proof of commitment to customer service – What do other people say about the heating repair company? Don’t trust customer testimonials on their website alone; check to see if they are Better Business Bureau accredited and if they have won any customer service awards from objective sources like Angie’s List.


When you focus on these qualifications you’re more likely to find a heating service in Charlotte that will provide high quality repairs in record time. What else do you look for in a heating repair service?


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