Top Benefits of Getting an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

shutterstock_295373561It’s spring in Charlotte, which means it’s the season for air conditioner tune-ups! While many homeowners are still working on their spring cleaning lists like putting away winter clothing, washing the windows and general decluttering of the home, you need to make sure to include an air conditioner tune-up on your spring cleaning list. Before you know it, the swelteringly hot North Carolina summer season will be upon us and you will be putting your air conditioner to work to cool and dehumidify your home. With that said, let’s take a look at the numerous important benefits and reasons to include an air conditioner tune-up on your spring cleaning list!


Prevent air conditioner problems this summer – if you forego a tune-up this spring, you may need air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC home during the summer and that won’t be fun to deal with. There is never a convenient time to have your air conditioner breakdown and you definitely do not want it to happen in the middle of summer when temps are the highest. Getting your air conditioner tuned up now will ensure that it will properly operate throughout the hot summer months.


Identify small issues before they become big problems – Like most things, the longer you ignore a problem, the worse they get and that principle applies to air conditioners. Small problems that go ignored can result in big issues that will cost much more money to repair later on. With that in mind, a technician can identify any issues while performing the tune-up and fix any problems before they get worse.


Reduces your utility bill – even the most energy-efficient air conditioners can become energy hogs when they aren’t regularly serviced. Overtime, the air filter can become clogged, the coils will need cleaning and the pressure levels may be irregular. All of these common issues can affect how hard the air conditioner has to work in order to cool the home and the harder it works, the more energy it consumes. A tune-up will bring your air conditioner back up to peak operating efficiency, which will result in a unit that consumes less energy and saves you money on monthly utility costs.


Extends the lifespan of your air conditioner – we all know that replacing a homes’ air conditioner can be costly, but air conditioners that are regularly maintained and tuned up on an annual basis last much longer than ones that are poorly-maintained. Homeowners can add years to the operating life of their air conditioner with a simple tune-up each year and that is a valuable investment.


Improves home comfort – Like mentioned above, your air conditioner may have a clogged air filter, which means it’s working extremely hard to push cool air through that filter. This can make the airflow much weaker than it originally was which can directly impact home comfort. On top of that, it may be performing poorly, and that can also affect how cool the air is and how powerful the airflow is. With that in mind, a tune-up will increase the performance of the air conditioner, which improves total home comfort since the unit will be working efficiently.


Be sure to add an air conditioner tune-up to your spring cleaning list so you can beat the heat this summer with cool home comfort! 


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