Springtime Spruce Up: Home Prep Tips

Are you getting sick and tired of the winter blues? Well, things are about to heat up in Charlotte! The spring and summer seasons are just on the horizon and many of us cannot wait for this winter season to end. Enough is enough, the cold weather has been absolutely brutal this year and all of us are eagerly waiting to welcome warmer weather. With that said, it is the perfect time to break free of your cabin fever and prepare your whole house for the upcoming change of seasons. Check out these helpful tips that you should do so your house can spring into the next season with ease!


Clean the Gutters

Everyone is pretty familiar with spring cleaning and while most of us associate it with decluttering the inside of our homes, the same basic principle can be applied outside. With that in mind, you’ll want to clean out your gutters because they probably are packed full of all that falling autumn foliage and that can cause some drainage problems. As the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers” and you can certainly expect to see some decent periods of rain this spring so it’s best to clear out your gutters now.


Inspect the Roof

Since you (or a handyman) will be cleaning out the gutters, it’s a good idea to inspect the roof while you’re up there. As mentioned above, springtime is notorious for sporadic rainstorms and if you have a roof that’s in disrepair, you may end up with a leak in the attic! To avoid this situation, check the roof and the shingles to ensure there isn’t any visible damage and if there is, repair them immediately. Also, go into the attic and look out for spots of beams of sunlight through the roof because this is a clear indicator of a problem.


Service Your AC System

Air conditioningEven though we are on the tail end of winter, it is highly recommended to have your air conditioning system serviced before the weather warms up. Your air conditioner has probably been sitting dormant for most of the fall and winter, which can cause it to underperform when you turn it on again or even not work at all! No one wants to be in a situation where it suddenly gets really hot outside and the AC doesn’t work. While the spring is typically mild, we have seen times of extreme heat very early in the season and you do not want to be sweating. Instead, beat the heat before it arrives by scheduling air conditioning repair for your Charlotte, NC home now because it is important to ensure it is performing properly.


Insulate & Seal

Home insulation plays a major role in the comfort of your home and when the weather warms up, you’ll want to keep every single room nice and comfortable when the AC is on. With that being said, you can enhance the performance of your AC system and increase the overall comfort of your home with a few simple tricks. First, inspect all windows and exterior doors for cracks or gaps. If any exist, immediately seal them with caulk or replace the frames. Next, head to the home improvement store and pick up some rolls of insulation to place in-between the roof trusses of the attic because this will keep the cool air from escaping and reduce the amount of heat transference through the roof.


With the above tips, you can start preparing your home for the upcoming spring and summer season!

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