Keeping Air Conditioning Costs Low when the Warm Weather Finally Hits

Although the Groundhog saw his shadow and there will probably be several more weeks of winter, your mind may already be turning towards spring and summer. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, summer 2014 “will be hotter than normal and the hottest periods will occur in mid- and late June and in mid-July.” To prevent having insanely high electric bills this summer, Real Cool provides the following tips.

Work on your Landscaping – Did you know that by sprucing up your landscaping you can save money on your cooling bills? Homes with less foliage surrounding them are warmer than those with trees and greenery, as heat accumulates inside a home when the sun shines directly on the roof and through windows. To prevent your home from taking in extra warmth, consider planting leafy trees around the exterior. This will shade your home and stop Mother Nature from acting as a natural heater. Shade is a great way to keep your cooling bill down in the hot, Charlotte summer, as well as improve the curb appeal of your home.


Get with the Program – When you are home in the summer, you obviously want to be cool and comfortable — but what about all of those times when you are out of the house? You can save ten percent on your air-conditioning bill by simply putting your cooling system on a program so that it doesn’t run as often when you’re sleeping or at work.

Grilling Season – During the summer months, it’s a great idea to take advantage of warmer temperatures by foregoing the oven and doing all of your cooking outdoors on the grill. By using your grill, you will be decreasing indoor heat and, therefore, cutting the amount of work that your cooling system has to do.

Proper Maintenance – In order for your air conditioning to run efficiently, you have to make sure that you’re maintaining it properly. Take the time now to check and replace the air filter or call for an appointment with our HVAC service in Charlotte, NC so that you know your system will be working properly once the temperatures start to rise.

While this winter has been a big challenge for the south, it won’t be long before the warmer temperatures hit and you face a different dilemma. By following the above steps, you can see lower cooling bills this summer and never have to worry about dealing with the heat.

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