Household Investments that Make Winter Bearable

As most residents of North Carolina know, winter in the Old North State can become impossibly cold. With temperatures expecting to drop below freezing for the great part of December, the experts at Real Cool Heating and Air encourage families to prepare their homes for the coming storm. There are several simple and affordable investments that can be made now that will pay off when the frigid air begins to set in. Take the time to begin one or more of these suggestions for a warm and comfortable winter:

Inspect your House’s Insulation

Insulation is what helps keep heat produced by your heating system within your home. Hot air tends to travel to wherever it can find a colder environment, and this means it will try to slip out of your cozy home. If you can’t seem to keep your house heated for long without cranking up the thermostat, try standing near windows, doors, or other parts of your home that lead outside. If you sense a draft coming from any of these locations, your insulation needs to be improved. Contact your local professional to stop this problem in its tracks.

Repair your Heating System

Many people perceive heating and cooling systems as a luxury, claiming they are not a life necessity. When the temperature of your home is low enough to freeze pipes and induce shivering, however, it becomes more obvious how important heating can be. If your system has broken down or stopped operating properly, Real Cool offers furnace repair in Charlotte, NC at affordable prices. A single phone call can transform your home from an ice box into a welcoming sanctuary for friends and family.


Have you suffered through a freezing winter in Charlotte or the surrounding area? If so, what did you do to keep your house warm and keep it that way?

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