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Top Benefits of Getting an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

shutterstock_295373561It’s spring in Charlotte, which means it’s the season for air conditioner tune-ups! While many homeowners are still working on their spring cleaning lists like putting away winter clothing, washing the windows and general decluttering of the home, you need to make sure to include an air conditioner tune-up on your spring cleaning list. Before you know it, the swelteringly hot North Carolina summer season will be upon us and you will be putting your air conditioner to work to cool and dehumidify your home. With that said, let’s take a look at the numerous important benefits and reasons to include an air conditioner tune-up on your spring cleaning list!


Prevent air conditioner problems this summer – if you forego a tune-up this spring, you may need air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC home during the summer and that won’t be fun to deal with. There is never a convenient time to have your air conditioner breakdown and you definitely do not want it to happen in the middle of summer when temps are the highest. Getting your air conditioner tuned up now will ensure that it will properly operate throughout the hot summer months.


Identify small issues before they become big problems – Like most things, the longer you ignore a problem, the worse they get and that principle applies to air conditioners. Small problems that go ignored can result in big issues that will cost much more money to repair later on. With that in mind, a technician can identify any issues while performing the tune-up and fix any problems before they get worse.


Reduces your utility bill – even the most energy-efficient air conditioners can become energy hogs when they aren’t regularly serviced. Overtime, the air filter can become clogged, the coils will need cleaning and the pressure levels may be irregular. All of these common issues can affect how hard the air conditioner has to work in order to cool the home and the harder it works, the more energy it consumes. A tune-up will bring your air conditioner back up to peak operating efficiency, which will result in a unit that consumes less energy and saves you money on monthly utility costs.


Extends the lifespan of your air conditioner – we all know that replacing a homes’ air conditioner can be costly, but air conditioners that are regularly maintained and tuned up on an annual basis last much longer than ones that are poorly-maintained. Homeowners can add years to the operating life of their air conditioner with a simple tune-up each year and that is a valuable investment.


Improves home comfort – Like mentioned above, your air conditioner may have a clogged air filter, which means it’s working extremely hard to push cool air through that filter. This can make the airflow much weaker than it originally was which can directly impact home comfort. On top of that, it may be performing poorly, and that can also affect how cool the air is and how powerful the airflow is. With that in mind, a tune-up will increase the performance of the air conditioner, which improves total home comfort since the unit will be working efficiently.


Be sure to add an air conditioner tune-up to your spring cleaning list so you can beat the heat this summer with cool home comfort! 


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Springtime Spruce Up: Home Prep Tips

Are you getting sick and tired of the winter blues? Well, things are about to heat up in Charlotte! The spring and summer seasons are just on the horizon and many of us cannot wait for this winter season to end. Enough is enough, the cold weather has been absolutely brutal this year and all of us are eagerly waiting to welcome warmer weather. With that said, it is the perfect time to break free of your cabin fever and prepare your whole house for the upcoming change of seasons. Check out these helpful tips that you should do so your house can spring into the next season with ease!


Clean the Gutters

Everyone is pretty familiar with spring cleaning and while most of us associate it with decluttering the inside of our homes, the same basic principle can be applied outside. With that in mind, you’ll want to clean out your gutters because they probably are packed full of all that falling autumn foliage and that can cause some drainage problems. As the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers” and you can certainly expect to see some decent periods of rain this spring so it’s best to clear out your gutters now.


Inspect the Roof

Since you (or a handyman) will be cleaning out the gutters, it’s a good idea to inspect the roof while you’re up there. As mentioned above, springtime is notorious for sporadic rainstorms and if you have a roof that’s in disrepair, you may end up with a leak in the attic! To avoid this situation, check the roof and the shingles to ensure there isn’t any visible damage and if there is, repair them immediately. Also, go into the attic and look out for spots of beams of sunlight through the roof because this is a clear indicator of a problem.


Service Your AC System

Air conditioningEven though we are on the tail end of winter, it is highly recommended to have your air conditioning system serviced before the weather warms up. Your air conditioner has probably been sitting dormant for most of the fall and winter, which can cause it to underperform when you turn it on again or even not work at all! No one wants to be in a situation where it suddenly gets really hot outside and the AC doesn’t work. While the spring is typically mild, we have seen times of extreme heat very early in the season and you do not want to be sweating. Instead, beat the heat before it arrives by scheduling air conditioning repair for your Charlotte, NC home now because it is important to ensure it is performing properly.


Insulate & Seal

Home insulation plays a major role in the comfort of your home and when the weather warms up, you’ll want to keep every single room nice and comfortable when the AC is on. With that being said, you can enhance the performance of your AC system and increase the overall comfort of your home with a few simple tricks. First, inspect all windows and exterior doors for cracks or gaps. If any exist, immediately seal them with caulk or replace the frames. Next, head to the home improvement store and pick up some rolls of insulation to place in-between the roof trusses of the attic because this will keep the cool air from escaping and reduce the amount of heat transference through the roof.


With the above tips, you can start preparing your home for the upcoming spring and summer season!

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When Should You Call Your Heating & Air Company?

There are plenty of good heating and air companies in Charlotte, NC. However, many homeowners don’t really know what services they offer or how much of a difference they can make in your heating and AC’s effectiveness—or your bills. Here are four situations where you should definitely call your heating & air company:

1.   When you’re installing a new unit. Installing a furnace, heater or air conditioner is not something you should do yourself unless you’re an experienced professional. These units are not simple machines and they have to be hooked up just right to ensure safety as well as effective operation. A poorly installed heater or AC unit can leak hot/cold air thus affecting your comfort and costing you money on your energy bill. An experienced Charlotte heating and air company will be able to install any unit, from any brand, usually in a matter of hours—the same day you call. Leave it to the professionals.

 2.   For yearly maintenance. Many homeowners forget that both heating and AC systems need an annual tune up to function at their best. When this maintenance isn’t done, the system may begin to run inefficiently, costing you money every month. Lack of maintenance can also increase the chance that the unit will suddenly fail—almost always at the worst possible time, like during a winter storm or at the peak of the dog days of summer.

 3.   If anything breaks. When your heater or air conditioner stops working, do not feel that you have to suffer! Many heating and AC repairs can be made in a matter of hours, and a professional repair company will carry all the parts they need for the most common jobs. In most cases you can get a repair person working on your unit the same day it breaks, and be back to enjoying comfortable climate control in no time.

 4.   When you’re just not getting enough heat or AC. Many people wonder why their AC isn’t as crisp as it used to be, or why the furnace struggles to heat up the house. This is not a normally operating unit—and it’s fixable. Your heating and air company will be able to diagnose the problem and make repairs so that you’re comfortable and save big on your energy bills.

In all of these cases, make sure you work with an experienced, professional heating and air outfit that values its customers. At a minimum that means they can offer same day service, 24 hour day service calls and a complete parts and labor warranty for their work.


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Start Preparing Your Home for Fall Now


With summer more than halfway over, it’s time to start thinking about the cooler months ahead. Follow these tips to get a jump start on preparing your home for fall.

1. Clean the rain gutters – While you were out hiking, swimming and boating this summer, leaves, dirt and debris have built up in your rain gutter and downspouts. When fall approaches and the leaves start to fall, this buildup will only progress. If not cleaned out, your gutters will become clogged, and your drainage system will no longer work properly. After cleaning the gutters and drains, pour water down the system to ensure there are no clogs.

2. Light the way – Along with fall comes less daylight. Soon it will be dark when you come home from work. Outdoor lights add safety and security to your home, while also enhancing the curb appeal. Use energy saving outdoor lights to illuminate outdoor walkways and porches.

3. Make sure your home is properly insulated – With the cooler weather approaching, you want to check your home’s air ducts to ensure they are properly sealed and insulated. Insulated ducts will lock in heat and prevent cold air and moisture from entering your home. This will not only enhance the comfort and efficiency of your heating system, but also it will save you money on your energy bills.

4. Check your heating system – Many people in North Carolina wait until fall to check their heating system. As a result, heating repair companies in Charlotte may receive a lot of calls for repairs and maintenance, so it may take longer for a technician to get out to your system.  Avoid this problem by checking your heating system now, and hiring a professional heating repair company for a routine heating system inspection.

Real Cool HVAC is a leading heating repair company in Charlotte. Contact us today for a routine inspection of your heating system.



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4 Common Reasons Why Air Conditioners Fail in Charlotte, NC

air conditioning system_shutterstock_140900890

With temperatures expected to rise into the 100s, now is not a good time for you air conditioner in Charlotte, NC to fail. To maintain the health of your AC and keep it operating at peak performance, make sure you are aware of these common reasons why AC systems fail.

 1.      Insufficient Maintenance – To maintain the quality and performance of your air conditioner, it’s important to provide routine maintenance and have a heating and air professional in Charlotte, NC inspect your system annually. Dirt, dust and grime can build up in the air filters and coils, and excessive buildup can cause your system to break down. It can also cause the compressor or fans to fail prematurely. Routinely cleaning the coils and replacing the filters can help maximize the performance and longevity of your air conditioner.

 2.      Refrigerant leaks – Refrigerant leaks can be harmful to your HVAC system and the environment. If you have a refrigerant leak, simply adding more won’t resolve the problem. Rather, you should contact a trained heating and air technician to examine the system, repair any leaks and recharge the system with the correct level of coolant.

 3.      Electrical Control Failure – The mechanical elements of your AC, such as the compressor and fan controls, are subject to wear and tear. This is especially true in systems that are turned on and off frequently, which commonly happens with air conditioners that are too large for the space it’s cooling. The corrosion of wires and terminals is another problem. Have a trained technician check the connections and contacts regularly.

 4.      Faulty Installation – If the HVAC system is not installed properly, then your system is likely to fail. Only a highly trained HVAC technician that’s fully licensed, insured and bonded should install your system.

Real Cool Heating and Air Conditioning is a highly rated heating and air company in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in installing and repairing heating and cooling systems. Contact us today at 704-537-9472 to set up a service appointment.


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How Our HVAC Repair Company can Improve Your Air Quality

You already know that if you need your HVAC system repaired or maintained in the Charlotte area, Real Cool Heating and Air are the ones to call. You may be surprised, however, to find out that our company offers many other services as well—and that we can dramatically improve the quality of your air, with or without an air purifier. This can be a major win for you as a homeowner.


If your home has bad air quality, you may find yourself with aggravated allergies, dry or itchy eyes, frequent bouts of coughing or sneezing, or a runny nose. So how can something as simple as HVAC repair improve the quality and cleanliness of your air and reduce these issues? Here are three ways that it’s done:


charlotte hvac repair

1.  Sealing your duct system – If you have air quality issues, the first thing our HVAC repair crew will look at is your duct system. The ducts that are installed in a home are not always appropriate for the heating and air conditioning system there, especially in older structures. Some duct systems are too narrow and others are simply in poor condition, which means that they may have leaks. Both of these problems impact your energy efficiency, but leaks in particular also affect air quality. That’s because dust, spores, and other contaminants can enter the ducts from the basement and then get circulated throughout the home. Our repairman can seal your ducts or upgrade your system, so that the air that circulates through the house has to pass through your HVAC air filter.


2.  Dehumidification – Humidity has a big impact on air quality. That’s because mold and mildew thrive in damp places. Simply installing a professional-grade dehumidifier as part of your HVAC system can reduce humidity throughout the home and alleviate mold problems and allergies.


3.  Air purification – While it’s not always necessary, the ultimate solution for achieving good air quality in the home is to use an air purifier. One of our HVAC specialists can recommend a purifier that is appropriate for your situation. Generally, a purifier will use a much finer filter than the standard ones in most HVAC systems; additionally, it may use some method to sterilize the air that passes through it, such as UV light. The result is less dust and fewer microbes in your home.


What is your home’s air quality like? Have you talked to us about it? If not, call or contact us today at Real Cool Heating and Air to set up a service appointment.


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5 Reasons Not to Wait till Your Air Conditioner Breaks

air conditioning repair

Everybody in Charlotte, NC has an air conditioner, which means we all have to deal with air conditioner repair at some point. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait till the day your air conditioner breaks on you to take action. In fact, calling the AC repair guy to do some preventative maintenance today can save you time, money and hassle. Here are five reasons why:


1.  Prevent failure in the first place – It might seem silly to call a mechanic if your AC is running fine, but just because it’s running today doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow. Like all machines, air conditioners wear out, and having your AC serviced regularly can make as big a difference as changing the oil in your car—in other words, routine maintenance can prevent air conditioner failure in the first place. It’s much better if your AC repairman finds a weakened or failing part ahead of time, making replacement easy and not interrupting your cool, crisp air when you need it.


2.  Take advantage of special prices – The AC business is definitely a seasonal one and, as you might expect, air conditioner repair companies have relatively little business in the cooler months. So what do they do? They offer great low prices in the fall, winter and spring, of course! Many air conditioner companies have special prices for the off-season and will gladly come and service your AC with a full tune up, often for a lot less than it would cost in July or August. If you want to save money, call while it’s still sweater weather.


3.  Get problems taken care of before it’s hot – Having a hiccup with your AC in April is no big deal. The same hiccup in June can be a nightmare. AC companies do their best to get repair people out on the fly, especially when it’s hot out and they know you’re suffering, but the summer months are the busiest. Getting the AC tuned up pre-emptively lessens the chance you’ll ever have to sit around with an ice pack and a fan waiting for the AC guy to come.


4.  Save on your energy bills – A regularly maintained air conditioner runs more efficiently, delivering cooler air and using less energy. That means more money in your pocket every month.


5.  Live worry-free – The bottom line is that you’re going to be happier if all your maintenance is done and you have few or no surprise breakdowns. Take one more item off your plate and breathe easy.


Have you been keeping up on your air conditioner maintenance? When you need air conditioner repair in Charlotte, NC, Real Cool Heating and Air can offer you the best prices and service. Call us today at 704-537-9472. 


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4 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

Charlotte has long, hot summers and cool winters, which means we see high air conditioning bills followed by heating costs every year. On top of that, many Charlotte homes are older which can make energy costs excessive. Here are four ways you can cut down your energy costs, from simple tricks to basic HVAC repair in Charlotte, NC.

1. Have your air conditioner checked by a professional. Because we pride ourselves on providing quality HVAC repair in Charlotte, we can tell you what a difference proper maintenance makes for efficiency in running your heating or air conditioning. Some steps are easy and you can take them yourself, like changing your filter once a month. Other steps, however, require a professional eye. For example, a professional HVAC repairman can determine whether your ducts are leaking, which bleeds hot or cold air into the attic while making the unit work far harder to keep your home at the temperature you want. Call on us to come out and do a general checkup and maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner and you’re likely to see big energy savings.

2. Put air conditioning on a timer. Getting a thermostat with a timer option is cheap, often less than $30, but most people never take this small step to save money on their energy bills. Most of us are away from the house at the same time every day, at least on weekdays. There’s really no reason to pay to cool your house during those hours—which are often the hottest part of midday. Set your timer so the air conditioner comes on in the morning, turns off when you go to work, and kicks back on an hour before you get home. For the biggest savings have it turn off again at night, when the air is naturally cooler.


3. Close those curtains. It’s a small step, but it really does work. Heavy curtains, drapes, shades or blinds both keep cool air in the house and deflect sunlight that would otherwise warm your interior. Keep them closed and see your bills plummet.

4. Energy Star. If all else fails, consider new heating and cooling appliances that are Energy Star rated to save energy and thus money.

These are just four easy ways to help keep your energy bills down, especially in the summer when it matters most. But there are other ways too—what do you do to save money on energy?



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Household Investments that Make Winter Bearable

As most residents of North Carolina know, winter in the Old North State can become impossibly cold. With temperatures expecting to drop below freezing for the great part of December, the experts at Real Cool Heating and Air encourage families to prepare their homes for the coming storm. There are several simple and affordable investments that can be made now that will pay off when the frigid air begins to set in. Take the time to begin one or more of these suggestions for a warm and comfortable winter:

Inspect your House’s Insulation

Insulation is what helps keep heat produced by your heating system within your home. Hot air tends to travel to wherever it can find a colder environment, and this means it will try to slip out of your cozy home. If you can’t seem to keep your house heated for long without cranking up the thermostat, try standing near windows, doors, or other parts of your home that lead outside. If you sense a draft coming from any of these locations, your insulation needs to be improved. Contact your local professional to stop this problem in its tracks.

Repair your Heating System

Many people perceive heating and cooling systems as a luxury, claiming they are not a life necessity. When the temperature of your home is low enough to freeze pipes and induce shivering, however, it becomes more obvious how important heating can be. If your system has broken down or stopped operating properly, Real Cool offers furnace repair in Charlotte, NC at affordable prices. A single phone call can transform your home from an ice box into a welcoming sanctuary for friends and family.


Have you suffered through a freezing winter in Charlotte or the surrounding area? If so, what did you do to keep your house warm and keep it that way?

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Top 5 Signs of a Good Air Conditioning Repair Company

Everyone in Charlotte has AC these days and that means there are more options than ever for air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC. However, many companies fail to deliver the level of quality, service, and accountability you need when trusting someone to work on your system. How can you tell a good air conditioning repair company when you see one? Here are five signs to look for:


air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC

1.  Fully licensed, insured and bonded – When you need air conditioning repair in a hurry, it’s easy to forget that you are effectively hiring a contractor to work on one of the most expensive systems in your home. That means you need to be assured that the liability is covered if there is a problem repairing the unit or if something goes wrong. Your air conditioning repair company should be licensed to do all of the work they perform, and should carry insurance to cover any potential mishaps. They are working on your property and you need to know that you are not at risk.


2.  Fleet of vans stocked with spare parts – Have you ever had a repair person make a house call, start working, and then tell you they didn’t have the part they needed? This is frustrating, not only because it’s a waste of your time but because you would expect a professional to have all the basic parts they might need to replace. This is especially true when your AC is out and the temperatures outside are sweltering. No AC repair van can have literally every part they could ever need, but the company should keep them stocked with all the standard parts that break down most often, allowing most repairs to be over quickly and smoothly in a single session.


3.  24-hour service, no delays, and no hassle – You can’t control when your AC breaks and you shouldn’t have to suffer for it. Always look for an AC company that offers 24/7 repair service, with no extra late night fees.


4.  Affordable preventative maintenance – The best way to keep down the cost of owning an air conditioning system is to simply make sure you perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis. This includes simple DIY steps, but it also helps to have an annual tune up. The best AC companies make this affordable and easy, so that you can save money by heading off a problem before it crops up.


5.  Capability for commercial AC – Experienced professional AC repair outfits should be able to handle residential and light commercial systems. If you have a small business, you can save substantial money by relying on a neighborhood repair service instead of a commercial company that focuses mostly on large-scale industrial HVAC.


What do you look for in an AC repair service?


At Real Cool Heating and Air, we know better than anyone what makes an HVAC service exceptional. Call or contact us today to set up a service or maintenance for your HVAC system!


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