5 Reasons Not to Wait till Your Air Conditioner Breaks

air conditioning repair

Everybody in Charlotte, NC has an air conditioner, which means we all have to deal with air conditioner repair at some point. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait till the day your air conditioner breaks on you to take action. In fact, calling the AC repair guy to do some preventative maintenance today can save you time, money and hassle. Here are five reasons why:


1.  Prevent failure in the first place – It might seem silly to call a mechanic if your AC is running fine, but just because it’s running today doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow. Like all machines, air conditioners wear out, and having your AC serviced regularly can make as big a difference as changing the oil in your car—in other words, routine maintenance can prevent air conditioner failure in the first place. It’s much better if your AC repairman finds a weakened or failing part ahead of time, making replacement easy and not interrupting your cool, crisp air when you need it.


2.  Take advantage of special prices – The AC business is definitely a seasonal one and, as you might expect, air conditioner repair companies have relatively little business in the cooler months. So what do they do? They offer great low prices in the fall, winter and spring, of course! Many air conditioner companies have special prices for the off-season and will gladly come and service your AC with a full tune up, often for a lot less than it would cost in July or August. If you want to save money, call while it’s still sweater weather.


3.  Get problems taken care of before it’s hot – Having a hiccup with your AC in April is no big deal. The same hiccup in June can be a nightmare. AC companies do their best to get repair people out on the fly, especially when it’s hot out and they know you’re suffering, but the summer months are the busiest. Getting the AC tuned up pre-emptively lessens the chance you’ll ever have to sit around with an ice pack and a fan waiting for the AC guy to come.


4.  Save on your energy bills – A regularly maintained air conditioner runs more efficiently, delivering cooler air and using less energy. That means more money in your pocket every month.


5.  Live worry-free – The bottom line is that you’re going to be happier if all your maintenance is done and you have few or no surprise breakdowns. Take one more item off your plate and breathe easy.


Have you been keeping up on your air conditioner maintenance? When you need air conditioner repair in Charlotte, NC, Real Cool Heating and Air can offer you the best prices and service. Call us today at 704-537-9472. 


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