4 Reasons to Tune up Your Heating System before the Coldest Weather Hits

person adjusting heater
There are lots of options for heating repair in Charlotte, but chances are good that you don’t think much about your heating system until the weather gets chilly. However, maintaining your furnace or heater ahead of time can pay off big, and a simple tune-up is recommended every year before the start of the coldest weather. Here are four reasons to get a tune up now:


1.  Avoiding sudden outages – Every winter, Charlotte heating repair companies get hundreds of calls from panicked homeowners whose furnaces and heaters fail them. In a best-case scenario, this happens when the homeowner is at home and things can be fixed promptly; however, if no one is around, pipes can freeze and cause serious damage to the home. In either case, it is a very uncomfortable experience. You don’t want to be one of the unlucky ones who find out their heater isn’t up to the task—by getting a tune up before the cold season, you can minimize the chance of unexpected failures when you need your heater the most.


2.  Better, more reliable heat – A well-tuned, well-maintained heating system is one that performs better and creates a more comfortable home or business. Often, homeowners find that heating is uneven between different rooms and areas, the thermostat is unresponsive, or that even putting the heater on its highest setting leaves your home feeling drafty and unwelcoming. Calling a heating maintenance company in the summer or fall means that your heater will be running at its absolute best once winter rolls around. That means hot, crisp air when you want it—and no rooms that feel like an oven or an ice box.


3.  Saving money – No one wants to find out that their heater needs a component replaced but, often, making the repair early can save you big money later on. Poorly-maintained systems may end up overloading as they struggle to meet heating demands, which can lead to a more expensive problem later or even a total heating failure. Often, minor repairs today can prevent major repairs tomorrow.


4.  Energy efficiency – Saving energy isn’t just about helping the environment, it’s also about keeping your utility or fuel bills as low as possible. Heating systems that haven’t been properly maintained start to run less and less efficiently, which means a higher gas or electric bill or using up propane or fuel at an alarming rate. The small cost of a tune up can save you big on energy bills.


How often do you have your heater inspected and tuned up?


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