4 Common Reasons Why Air Conditioners Fail in Charlotte, NC

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With temperatures expected to rise into the 100s, now is not a good time for you air conditioner in Charlotte, NC to fail. To maintain the health of your AC and keep it operating at peak performance, make sure you are aware of these common reasons why AC systems fail.

 1.      Insufficient Maintenance – To maintain the quality and performance of your air conditioner, it’s important to provide routine maintenance and have a heating and air professional in Charlotte, NC inspect your system annually. Dirt, dust and grime can build up in the air filters and coils, and excessive buildup can cause your system to break down. It can also cause the compressor or fans to fail prematurely. Routinely cleaning the coils and replacing the filters can help maximize the performance and longevity of your air conditioner.

 2.      Refrigerant leaks – Refrigerant leaks can be harmful to your HVAC system and the environment. If you have a refrigerant leak, simply adding more won’t resolve the problem. Rather, you should contact a trained heating and air technician to examine the system, repair any leaks and recharge the system with the correct level of coolant.

 3.      Electrical Control Failure – The mechanical elements of your AC, such as the compressor and fan controls, are subject to wear and tear. This is especially true in systems that are turned on and off frequently, which commonly happens with air conditioners that are too large for the space it’s cooling. The corrosion of wires and terminals is another problem. Have a trained technician check the connections and contacts regularly.

 4.      Faulty Installation – If the HVAC system is not installed properly, then your system is likely to fail. Only a highly trained HVAC technician that’s fully licensed, insured and bonded should install your system.

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