Is Your HVAC System Ready for Summer?

Spring has finally started. It might not feel like it just yet, but with warmer and brighter days to look forward to, it’s hard not to get excited. As the weather warms up in Charlotte, it means that now is the time to ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready for the warm weather. When the temperatures begin to rise, you want to be able to turn on your air conditioner and not experience any issues.


By taking the time now to perform simple air conditioner maintenance tasks, you can relax for the rest of the year until winter arrives again, and stay comfortable in your home. Below are our professional tips to help ensure your air conditioner is prepared and in working condition.


Replace the air filter 

Your air filter consumes dust, pollen and other allergens in order to prevent them from entering your home. A dirty filter can hurt your air conditioner’s efficiency, so it’s important that you clean or replace it at least once a month. A clean filter will not only work more efficiently and keep your home cool, but it will also help you cut energy consumption.


Check the outdoor condensing unit
Check around the condensing unit and clear all debris from it. Make sure it is clear of any leaves or grass clippings from your lawn mower and that there is no debris on the fan blades. You may even consider hosing down the unit.


Test your air conditioner
After replacing the filter and cleaning the condensing unit, you should test it to make sure it works. Turn it on and let it run briefly, checking to ensure that cool air is blowing and that you hear no strange noises. If no cool air is blowing or if you are hearing odd sounds, you should schedule an appointment with our experienced air conditioner repair experts in Charlotte, NC who will inspect your unit thoroughly to ensure all components are in working condition. It’s best to have your unit looked at now so that when the hot summer days arrive, your home can remain cool.


Ensure no furniture or objects are blocking your air vents
Additionally, to get the most out of your air conditioning unit, take a walk around your home and make sure that your vents aren’t obstructed by furniture or other large objects.


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